World Prayer for Jobs


O' Lord, we praise Thee for Thy Power in Christ Jesus and The Holy Spirit with all humility.

Our prayer is for jobs for our people. Lord there are so many families without jobs. Families are facing uncertain furures. They are losing their homes, cars and health care. People are suffering at levels not seen sense days of old.

We pray for hope, peace love and joy be given unto them in The Neme of Jesus. Lord we need people with money and power to do the right thing and make work for Thy people. Lord give the the spirit of giving and making jobs. Grant them work. Help the church to make jobs. Help the children grow up in love and jobs to do good works in your name we pray. We give You all the power,honor and glory in the name of Jesus.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Lord,
    Provide those who are searching for job with employment so they can support their families. Amen

    I will pray the prayer.
    God Bless You.